SPS Diploma in Sports Massage ( Level 4)

SPS Diploma in Sports Massage ( Level 4)


Course information 

This course is designed for regulated healthcare professionals - Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Nurses, Doctors and others holding either HCPC registration or equivalent status.  In addition the course is suitable for students of the regulated professions who have completed their anatomy & physiology (generally years 2 & above).


It is also possible to attend this course at the discretion of SPS Ltd with evidence of appropriate relevant prior learning.  Please contact SPS to discuss your suitability prior to application.

This course is offerred at: THE Centre, 33 The Parade - Cardiff, South Wales

The course structure:

Four days of core/fundamental skills followed by four days of skill application and a one day examination.


The 33 skills taught (4 days) cover a wide variety of methods - Effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, vibrations, compressions, dermal lifting, transverse frictions & stretching.  It is possible to study the hand skills as 'stand alone' without progressing to application and examination see prospectus for further details.


Principles of aplication of these skills (4 days) in a wide variety of sports and active/sporting situations for individuals participating in sport/activity for leisure, pleasure, fitness, elite sport & other are explored at length in the application days in order to provide a thorough understanding of the needs of these individuals presenting with 'healthy & injured tissues'.


The examination ( 1 day) - theory paper, practical and viva examination

In addition a portfolio of evidence including 100 hours of skills practiced outside of the taught course along with several short assignements and case studies is required

The programme includes all the core elements required by the Professional Body and has been mapped to National Occupational Standards.  Successful completion of the course, examinations and portfolio of evidence leads to the award Diploma in Sports Massage.  This qualification can be used to proceed to other Higher Education Qualifications




Cost £1240.00 including VAT


Course dates- 2019


Commences 2/3 Nov, 30/1 Dec, 18/19 Jan, 8/9 Feb Exam TBC 2020


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Payment Type

    Deposits are non refundable but may be transferred to another course of study within 12months of the original booking.  Balance of course fees due on the first day of the course or in instalments as arranged with SPS prior to course commencement. Discounts are only applicable when a course fee is paid in full prior to the commencement of a course of study.  Any disabilities or special needs must be communicated at the time of application, adjustments and or support may not be available if left until after the course has commenced. SPS reserves the right to change course dates/fees and TS & CS as necessary.  Courses cancelled by SPS prior to commencement will see all deposits and fees returned in full. 

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